AARON, Joseph Clement (Clinton) (male)
Father2 Apr 1819AARON, Thomas B.
Mother17 Jan 1821OSBORN, Sarah Matilda Jane
Birth22 Jul 1848Unknown

RUFFNER, Roseanne (Rufner) (female)
BirthBefore 1848Unknown

Family of AARON, Joseph Clement (Clinton) & RUFFNER, Roseanne (Rufner)
Marriage1 Jul 1870Unknown
Boy13 Feb 1871AARON, Charles Andrew
Girl1873AARON, Dorothy Cecilia
Boy19 Mar 1874AARON, Francis Jerome
Girl13 Jan 1876AARON, Mary Anastasia
Girl1877AARON, Josephine
Boy30 Nov 1879AARON, Joseph Daniel
Girl1881AARON, Caroline (Carrie) Jane
Boy1883AARON, Thomas Boniface
Boy1886AARON, Norbert Martin
Girl1888AARON, Rose Rebecca
Girl1890AARON, Veronica

AARON, Thomas B. (male)
Father22 Mar 1797AARON, Daniel
Mother15 Apr 1798CYPHERT, Mary Magdalene (Seifert)
Birth2 Apr 1819Unknown
Baptism22 Apr 1819Unknown

OSBORN, Sarah Matilda Jane (female)
FatherBefore 1798OSBORN, Joseph (Jr.)
MotherBefore 1798KINTER, Sarah
Birth17 Jan 1821Unknown

Family of AARON, Thomas B. & OSBORN, Sarah Matilda Jane
Marriage28 Apr 1839Unknown
Boy22 Jul 1848AARON, Joseph Clement (Clinton)

AARON, James (Jimmy Dad) C. (male)
Father2 Feb 1787AARON, Thomas (II)
Mother27 Feb 1794CYPHERT, Susan(na) (Suzie) (Seyfert)
Birth13 Feb 1815Unknown

OSBORN(E), Margaret (female)
FatherBefore 1798OSBORN, Joseph (Jr.)
MotherBefore 1798KINTER, Sarah
Birth16 Jun 1815Unknown

Family of AARON, James (Jimmy Dad) C. & OSBORN(E), Margaret
Marriage12 Sep 1839Unknown
Girl15 Sep 1841AARON, Susanna(h) (Susan)
Girl30 Dec 1844AARON, Sarah
Boy31 Dec 1844AARON, Jerome B.
Girl28 Jul 1846AARON, Jane Elizabeth
Girl28 Nov 1849AARON, Mary M.
Girl21 Nov 1851AARON, Margaret Matilda
Boy15 Jan 1855AARON, Thomas Ledythe (F.L.)
Boy8 Oct 1856AARON, Andrew

AARON, Thomas (II) (male)
FatherAbout 1751AARON, Thomas Solomon (I)
MotherAbout 1755REINSEL, Elizabeth
Birth2 Feb 1787Westmoreland Co.,PA

CYPHERT, Susan(na) (Suzie) (Seyfert) (female)
Father1748SEIFFERT (SAUVERT), Philip (Jr.)
MotherAbout 1760GRETT (CRATE), Mary Barbara A.
Birth27 Feb 1794Berks County,PA

Family of AARON, Thomas (II) & CYPHERT, Susan(na) (Suzie) (Seyfert)
Marriage9 May 1815Latrobe (Greensburg),PA
Boy13 Feb 1815AARON, James (Jimmy Dad) C.
Boy10 Mar 1818AARON, William B.
Girl1819AARON, Elizabeth
Boy11 Apr 1820AARON, Thomas
BoyAbout 1825AARON, Solomon

AARON, Thomas Solomon (I) (male)
BirthAbout 1751Lebanon County,PA

REINSEL, Elizabeth (female)
BirthAbout 1755Lebanon County,PA

Family of AARON, Thomas Solomon (I) & REINSEL, Elizabeth
BoyBefore 1777AARON, Peter Samuel
BoyBefore 1779AARON, Benjamin
Boy1783AARON, Joseph
Boy2 Feb 1787AARON, Thomas (II)
Boy1793AARON, Conrad
Boy22 Mar 1797AARON, Daniel
Boy9 Sep 1801AARON, George
Girl1810AARON, Elizabeth

AARON, Daniel (male)
FatherAbout 1751AARON, Thomas Solomon (I)
MotherAbout 1755REINSEL, Elizabeth
Birth22 Mar 1797Westmoreland Co.,PA

CYPHERT, Mary Magdalene (Seifert) (female)
Father1748SEIFFERT (SAUVERT), Philip (Jr.)
MotherAbout 1760GRETT (CRATE), Mary Barbara A.
Birth15 Apr 1798Berks County,PA

Family of AARON, Daniel & CYPHERT, Mary Magdalene (Seifert)
Marriage24 Nov 1818Greensburg,Westmoreland Co.,PA
Boy2 Apr 1819AARON, Thomas B.

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