ASHBAUGH, David (male)
Father29 Mar 1826ASHBAUGH, John
Mother2 Sep 1826FORSYTHE, Nancy
Birth25 Jun 1859Mercer County,Ohio

SPRINGER, Ellen Cathrine (female)
Birth20 Jun 1863Mercer Co.,OH

Family of ASHBAUGH, David & SPRINGER, Ellen Cathrine
Marriage19 Jun 1884Mercer County,Ohio
Boy5 Jun 1885ASHBAUGH, Walter Bethel
Girl3 Jan 1887ASHBAUGH, Etta Leota

ASHBAUGH, Clement Laird Valandingham (male)
Father29 Mar 1826ASHBAUGH, John
Mother2 Sep 1826FORSYTHE, Nancy
Birth28 Jun 1863Mercer County,Ohio

FAST, Martha Ellen (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Clement Laird Valandingham & FAST, Martha Ellen
Marriage2 Oct 1883Mercer County,Ohio
Girl18 Dec 1883ASHBAUGH, Nettie
Girl13 Dec 1884ASHBAUGH, Kinsey Belle
Boy12 Sep 1886ASHBAUGH, James Daniel
Girl29 May 1889ASHBAUGH, May
Boy4 Mar 1891ASHBAUGH, Eli
Boy29 Oct 1895ASHBAUGH, Willis Wiley
Boy27 Oct 1898ASHBAUGH, Lloyd

ASHBAUGH, Noah Cloid (male)
Father1 Jan 1844ASHBAUGH, David H.
Mother1 Feb 1845WEIDENER, Catherine
Birth30 Nov 1876Allen County,Ohio

STEMEN, Ortha M. (female)
Birth10 Sep 1881Unknown

Family of ASHBAUGH, Noah Cloid & STEMEN, Ortha M.
Marriage7 Oct 1903Van Wert County,Ohio
Boy5 Mar 1905ASHBAUGH, David Lawrence

ASHBAUGH, Noah Cloid (male)
Father1 Jan 1844ASHBAUGH, David H.
Mother1 Feb 1845WEIDENER, Catherine
Birth30 Nov 1876Allen County,Ohio

FAWCETT, Lulu (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Noah Cloid & FAWCETT, Lulu
Marriage7 Apr 1909Van Wert County,Ohio
Girl Living

ASHBAUGH, Katherine (female)
Father1777ASHBAUGH, Joseph
Mother27 Sep 1782TAYLOR, Mary
BirthBet 1805 and 1808Owen Co.,Kentucky

MCHENRY, William (male)
Birth6 Feb 1803Garrad Co.,Kentucky

Family of ASHBAUGH, Katherine & MCHENRY, William
Marriage2 Aug 1827Monroe Co.,IN
Girl7 Jul 1828MCHENRY, Mary Jane
Boy1830MCHENRY, George A.
Girl1832MCHENRY, Mahala
Girl1834MCHENRY, James N.
GirlMay 1836MCHENRY, Armilda
Boy1838MCHENRY, John L.
Boy1840MCHENRY, William H.
Girl9 Jun 1842MCHENRY, Elizabeth
Boy1845MCHENRY, Moses N.
Boy4 Oct 1849MCHENRY, Joseph B.

ASHBAUGH, Alexander (male)
FatherBet 1735 and 1741ASHBAUGH, Andrew
Mother1735ARTIMESIA, Maria Odessina
Birth1788Adams Co.,PA

VANTINE, Maria (female)
BirthAbout 1788Unknown

Family of ASHBAUGH, Alexander & VANTINE, Maria
Boy1810ASHBAUGH, Andrew
Boy1815ASHBAUGH, Thomas
Girl7 Dec 1816ASHBAUGH, Edessima
Boy24 Jan 1824ASHBAUGH, Alexander
Boy6 Oct 1825ASHBAUGH, James H.
Boy2 Feb 1829ASHBAUGH, William
Boy6 Aug 1832ASHBAUGH, David Burton
Child1835ASHBAUGH, Landa

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