ASHBAUGH, Stella Munura "Nera" (female)
Father16 Oct 1833ASHBAUGH, Ephriam A.
Mother7 Jan 1845CLARK, Ellen Fox Richter
Birth6 Apr 1875Iowa

Living (male)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Stella Munura "Nera"
Boy Living
GirlAug 1901WURST, Violet

ASHBAUGH, Sarah E. (female)
Father28 Feb 1855ASHBAUGH, J. Henry Lewis
Mother5 Jun 1860EDGAR, Julia Francis

GIVENS, Robert E. (male)
BirthAbout 1863Unknown

Family of ASHBAUGH, Sarah E. & GIVENS, Robert E.
Girl Living

ASHBAUGH, Edward B. (male)
Father6 Jul 1906ASHBAUGH, Allen Theodore
Birth28 Jul 1926Otterville,Cooper County,Missouri

Living (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Edward B.
Girl Living
Girl Living

ASHBAUGH, Hettie Ellen "Hellen" (female)
Father1870ASHBAUGH, Edward Nelson
Mother11 Mar 1875TAYLOR, Mary Ellen
Birth14 Dec 1898Unknown

Living (male)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Hettie Ellen "Hellen"
Boy Living

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