ASHBAUGH, Zina Ray (male)
Father13 Nov 1848ASHBAUGH, Zina Rhodes
Mother3 Mar 1863KUNP, Kittie
Birth24 Jun 1890Topeka,Kansas

LEA, Bulah (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Zina Ray & LEA, Bulah
Marriage30 Oct 1924Unknown

ASHBAUGH, Arthur Andrew (male)
Father13 Nov 1848ASHBAUGH, Zina Rhodes
Mother3 Mar 1863KUNP, Kittie
Birth29 Jul 1894Hillsdale,Ilonois

MARBLE, Alice (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Arthur Andrew & MARBLE, Alice
Marriage10 Sep 1921Unknown

ASHBAUGH, Samuel Smith (male)
Father14 Oct 1805ASHBAUGH, Andrew
Mother15 Nov 1821DAVIS, Elizabeth

MANSFIELD, Louise (female)
Birth16 Feb 1855Westmoreland,NY

Family of ASHBAUGH, Samuel Smith & MANSFIELD, Louise
MarriageSep 1884Unknown
Boy2 Jul 1885ASHBAUGH, Murray Mansfield

ASHBAUGH, Murray Mansfield (male)
Father1852ASHBAUGH, Samuel Smith
Mother16 Feb 1855MANSFIELD, Louise
Birth2 Jul 1885Unknown

GOEBEL, Louise (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Murray Mansfield & GOEBEL, Louise
Marriage26 May 1914Washington
Girl1 Jul 1919ASHBAUGH, Carolyn Louise
Boy18 Sep 1925ASHBAUGH, William Goebel

ASHBAUGH, Charles (male)
Father16 Jan 1822ASHBAUGH, Daniel
MotherSep 1832BLACK, Martha

RODEHAVER, Etta (female)
Birth7 Dec 1859Unknown

Family of ASHBAUGH, Charles & RODEHAVER, Etta
Marriage12 Dec 1882Unknown
Boy Living
Girl Living

ASHBAUGH, James W. (male)
Father16 Jan 1822ASHBAUGH, Daniel
MotherSep 1832BLACK, Martha

UNKNOWN, Isadora (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, James W. & UNKNOWN, Isadora
Girl Living

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