BINKLEY, Henry Clair (male)
Father29 Nov 1873BINKLEY, Jacob William
MotherUnknownHAUNSTEIN, Ida Belle
Birth11 Nov 1905Lima,Ohio,Allen Co.

WURM, Gertrude Margret (female)
Father1885WURM, Oscar
Mother4 Jul 1889TERRPENING, Laura Alvira
Birth6 Sep 1910Schultz,Barry Co.,Mi.

Family of BINKLEY, Henry Clair & WURM, Gertrude Margret
Marriage7 Sep 1932Clear Lake,Steuben Co.,Ind.
Girl Living
Boy Living

BINKLEY, Jacob William (male)
Father4 Nov 1847BINKLEY, Peter
Mother29 May 1856ALBERT, Anna Catherine
Birth29 Nov 1873LaFayette,Allen Co.,Ohio

HAUNSTEIN, Ida Belle (female)

Family of BINKLEY, Jacob William & HAUNSTEIN, Ida Belle
GirlUnknownBINKLEY, Hazell Dell
Girl Living
Boy Living
Boy Living
Girl Living
Boy7 Mar 1891BINKLEY, Elmer James
Boy19 Jan 1897BINKLEY, Raymond G.
Boy11 Nov 1905BINKLEY, Henry Clair
Boy27 Mar 1908BINKLEY, John Carl
Boy13 Dec 1912BINKLEY, Joseph Hyrum

BINKLEY, Peter (male)
Father12 Apr 1818BINCKLEY, John
Mother28 Jan 1824SHRIDER, Nancy
Birth4 Nov 1847Perry Co. Ohio

ALBERT, Anna Catherine (female)
Father23 Mar 1819ALBERT, Daniel
Mother8 Jul 1824BINCKLEY, Lydia Ann
Birth29 May 1856Sandusky Co. Ohio

Family of BINKLEY, Peter & ALBERT, Anna Catherine
Marriage23 Jan 1873LaFayette,Allen Co.,Ohio by Rev. Corbet Trinity Luth church
Boy29 Nov 1873BINKLEY, Jacob William
Boy22 Dec 1875BINKLEY, John Franklin
Boy17 Aug 1877BINKLEY, Thomas Madill
Boy25 Jun 1880BINKLEY, Daniel Arthur
Girl7 Mar 1882BINKLEY, Bertha Pearl
Girl13 Mar 1886BINKLEY, Eva Leona
Boy8 Feb 1888BINKLEY, Amos Edward
Boy28 Dec 1892BINKLEY, Maruy
Girl30 Sep 1899BINKLEY, Lottie Dell

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