BLOSSER, Mary (female)
Father1767BLOSSER, John
MotherUnknownCLEMMER, Mary
Birth2 Aug 1796Fayette County,IA

KIRKPATRICK, William (male)

Family of BLOSSER, Mary & KIRKPATRICK, William
MarriageAbout 1812Unknown

BLOSSER, Isaac (male)
Father1767BLOSSER, John
MotherUnknownCLEMMER, Mary
Birth1804Fayette County,PA

GILLESPIE, Rebecca (female)

BLOSSER, Issac (male)
FatherAbout 1730BLOSSER, John
Mother1734BEERY, Catherine
Birth1776Lancaster Co.,PA

KAUFFMAN, Elizabeth (female)
FatherUnknownKAUFFMAN, Andrew
MotherUnknownHERR, Mary
Birth1787Lancaster Co.,PA

Family of BLOSSER, Issac & KAUFFMAN, Elizabeth
MarriageAbout 1804Fayette County,PA
Boy14 Oct 1805BLOSSER, John Issac
Girl12 May 1807BLOSSER, Mary Polly
Boy27 Feb 1809BLOSSER, Andrew
Boy5 May 1810BLOSSER, Nicholas
Girl19 May 1812BLOSSER, Catherine
BoyAbout 1814BLOSSER, Issac
Girl6 Oct 1815BLOSSER, Elizabeth
Girl31 Dec 1818BLOSSER, Nancy
GirlAbout 1821BLOSSER, Barabara
Girl24 Sep 1824BLOSSER, Martha
Boy4 Jun 1825BLOSSER, Abraham
BoyJan 1830BLOSSER, Noah
Boy28 Oct 1831BLOSSER, Samuel

BLOSSER, John Issac (male)
Father1776BLOSSER, Issac
Mother1787KAUFFMAN, Elizabeth
Birth14 Oct 1805Fayette County,PA

HUFFORD, Hannah (female)

BLOSSER, Mary Polly (female)
Father1776BLOSSER, Issac
Mother1787KAUFFMAN, Elizabeth
Birth12 May 1807Fayette County,PA

STEMEN, Peter (male)

Family of BLOSSER, Mary Polly & STEMEN, Peter
Marriage25 Nov 1824Fairfield Co.,Ohio

BLOSSER, Andrew (male)
Father1776BLOSSER, Issac
Mother1787KAUFFMAN, Elizabeth
Birth27 Feb 1809Fairfield Co.,Ohio

MERICLE, Saloma (female)
FatherUnknownMERICLE, Solomon
MotherUnknownBLOSSER, Catherine

Family of BLOSSER, Andrew & MERICLE, Saloma
Marriage1 Mar 1833Fairfield Co.,Ohio

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