BOLIN, Eliza (female)
Father20 Nov 1769BOLAND, John
MotherAbout 1784WEAVER, Catharine Mary
BirthAbout 1811Unknown

Birth14 Jan 1800Unknown

Family of BOLIN, Eliza & KELLENBERGER, John
Marriage16 Aug 1836Unknown

BOLIN, Bertha (female)
Father27 Aug 1852BOLIN, John Allen
Birth5 Sep 1889Unknown

Living (male)

BOLIN, Leota (female)
Father27 Aug 1852BOLIN, John Allen
Birth4 Aug 1892Unknown

Living (male)

BOLIN, Ann Catharine (female)
Father2 Jun 1857BOLIN, Charles Cornelius
Mother11 Apr 1864GRAU, Margaret
Birth9 Dec 1883Unknown

STORM, Lewis Gregory (male)
Birth1 Feb 1868Unknown

Family of BOLIN, Ann Catharine & STORM, Lewis Gregory
Marriage5 Sep 1910Unknown
Girl24 Dec 1910STORM, Mildred Margaret
Boy4 Feb 1913STORM, Robert Titus
Girl6 Jan 1915STORM, Helen Elizabeth
Boy27 Nov 1916STORM, Francis Charles
Boy8 Jun 1918STORM, Clifford Joseph
Boy28 Aug 1919STORM, Richard Clarence (Clair)
Boy30 Nov 1920STORM, Donald John
Girl25 Jul 1922STORM, Anna Catherine
Girl28 Jun 1925STORM, Maria Louisa

BOLIN, Mary Rose (female)
Father2 Jun 1857BOLIN, Charles Cornelius
Mother11 Apr 1864GRAU, Margaret
Birth13 Mar 1885Unknown

HAGERMAN, Legory (male)
Birth14 Oct 1881Unknown

Family of BOLIN, Mary Rose & HAGERMAN, Legory
Marriage11 Apr 1907Unknown
Boy7 May 1908HAGERMAN, Charles Curtis
Girl5 May 1910HAGERMAN, Kathleen Mary
Girl27 Jul 1912HAGERMAN, Margaret Irene
Girl22 Sep 1915HAGERMAN, M. Claudine
BoyAbout 1919HAGERMAN, Raymond Legory

BOLIN, Elizabeth Maria (female)
Father2 Jun 1857BOLIN, Charles Cornelius
Mother11 Apr 1864GRAU, Margaret
Birth28 Jun 1886Unknown

ELINE, Paul J. (male)
Birth30 Sep 1890Unknown

Family of BOLIN, Elizabeth Maria & ELINE, Paul J.
Marriage7 Jul 1935Unknown

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