CLARK, Harvey (male)
Father7 Mar 1757CLARK, Israel
MotherUnknownKENDALL, Mary
Birth1 Jun 1797Ashford,Windham Co,CT

TRAVIS, Nancy (female)
FatherUnknownTRAVIS, Robert
MotherUnknownGRACE, Eleanor
Birth27 Jun 1804Harrisburg,Rockingham Co,VA

Family of CLARK, Harvey & TRAVIS, Nancy
Marriage6 Jun 1820Delaware Co.,Ohio
BoyUnknownCLARK, Daniel
GirlUnknownCLARK, Almira
GirlUnknownCLARK, Matilda
Boy1822CLARK, Robert
Girl3 Apr 1825CLARK, Eleanor Grace
Boy1826CLARK, Israel
Boy31 Mar 1827CLARK, Enoch Harvey
Boy1829CLARK, Rufus Kendall
Girl1834CLARK, Nancy Ann
Girl22 Aug 1839CLARK, Olive Mary
Girl17 Dec 1842CLARK, Laura Evaline
Boy1844CLARK, James Henry

CLARK, Eleanor Grace (female)
Father1 Jun 1797CLARK, Harvey
Mother27 Jun 1804TRAVIS, Nancy
Birth3 Apr 1825Unknown

SILVERTHORN, Thomas (male)

CLARK, Nancy Ann (female)
Father1 Jun 1797CLARK, Harvey
Mother27 Jun 1804TRAVIS, Nancy

CUNNINGHAM, Unknown (male)

CLARK, Almira (female)
Father1 Jun 1797CLARK, Harvey
Mother27 Jun 1804TRAVIS, Nancy

CAMPBELL, Hiram (male)

CLARK, Olive Mary (female)
Father1 Jun 1797CLARK, Harvey
Mother27 Jun 1804TRAVIS, Nancy
Birth22 Aug 1839Unknown

PHILLIPS, Phillip (male)
Birth13 Aug 1834Unknown

Family of CLARK, Olive Mary & PHILLIPS, Phillip
BoyUnknownPHILLIPS, James
BoyUnknownPHILLIPS, Phillip

CLARK, Israel (male)
Father29 Jul 1734CLARK, Israel
Mother10 Apr 1738WILSON, Esther
Birth7 Mar 1757Mansfield,Ohio

KENDALL, Mary (female)

Family of CLARK, Israel & KENDALL, Mary
MarriageAbout 1787Unknown
GirlUnknownCLARK, Chelsea
GirlUnknownCLARK, Experience
GirlUnknownCLARK, Sophia
BoyUnknownCLARK, Chauncey
GirlUnknownCLARK, Lucy
Girl30 Sep 1791CLARK, Almira
Boy1 Jun 1797CLARK, Harvey
GirlAbout 1798CLARK, Roxanna
BoyAbout 1900CLARK, Israel

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