COPELAND, John Abner (male)
Father5 Feb 1818COPELAND, Joseph P.
Mother22 May 1822ENGLISH, Mary Ann
Birth12 Aug 1843Auglazie Co. Ohio

LUSK, Cynthia B. (female)
Father25 Jun 1812LUSK, Joseph H.
Mother26 Dec 1820WAGGONER, Julianna
Birth13 Oct 1847Auglaize Co. Ohio

Family of COPELAND, John Abner & LUSK, Cynthia B.
Marriage4 Dec 1864Auglaize Co. Ohio BK#3 PG# 185
Girl Living
Girl Living
Boy10 Nov 1865COPELAND, Alpheus S.
Boy1866COPELAND, Stephen Alfred
Boy28 Aug 1867COPELAND, William Leigh
Girl2 Jul 1870COPELAND, Emma Elain
Girl27 Dec 1872COPELAND, Laura
Boy25 Jul 1881COPELAND, Joseph C.

COPELAND, Joseph P. (male)
Father1790COPELAND, Abner
MotherUnknownMORGAN, Margaret
Birth5 Feb 1818Greene Co. Ohio

ENGLISH, Mary Ann (female)
Birth22 May 1822Bordertown,New Jersey,,Burlington Co.

Family of COPELAND, Joseph P. & ENGLISH, Mary Ann
Marriage4 Oct 1840Auglaize Co. Ohio
Girl6 Oct 1841COPELAND, Margaret E.
Boy12 Aug 1843COPELAND, John Abner
Girl13 May 1852COPELAND, Sarah Jane
Girl9 Aug 1857COPELAND, Phebe Isadora

COPELAND, Alpheus S. (male)
Father12 Aug 1843COPELAND, John Abner
Mother13 Oct 1847LUSK, Cynthia B.
Birth10 Nov 1865Unknown

HUFFER, Laura Belle (female)

Family of COPELAND, Alpheus S. & HUFFER, Laura Belle
Marriage19 Dec 1885Unknown
Boy Living
Boy1889COPELAND, Arlie L.
Boy1 Feb 1891COPELAND, Ray H.
Boy18 Feb 1905COPELAND, Russell R.

COPELAND, William Leigh (male)
Father12 Aug 1843COPELAND, John Abner
Mother13 Oct 1847LUSK, Cynthia B.
Birth28 Aug 1867Auglaize Co. Ohio

BITLER, Mary Edna (female)
Birth21 Apr 1871Auglaize Co.Ohio

Family of COPELAND, William Leigh & BITLER, Mary Edna
Marriage29 Apr 1891Auglaize Co.Ohio
Boy Living
Boy Living
Boy3 Jun 1892COPELAND, Harold A.
Boy27 Jul 1896COPELAND, Donald Edwin

COPELAND, Joseph C. (male)
Father12 Aug 1843COPELAND, John Abner
Mother13 Oct 1847LUSK, Cynthia B.
Birth25 Jul 1881Auglaize Co. Ohio

Living (female)

Family of COPELAND, Joseph C.
Marriage1905Auglaize Co. Ohio
Boy Living
Boy Living

COPELAND, Abner (male)
Birth1790North Carolina

MORGAN, Margaret (female)

Family of COPELAND, Abner & MORGAN, Margaret
MarriageUnknownGreene Co.,Ohio
Boy5 Feb 1818COPELAND, Joseph P.

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