DUDGEON, Edna Mae (female)
Father6 Apr 1850DUDGEON, James Harrison
Mother1851DOUGLAS\CLINE, Ann Elizabeth
Birth28 Mar 1891Lima,Allen Co.,Ohio

PIERCE, James Franklin (male)
Birth2 Sep 1865Ridgeway,Hardin Co.,Ohio

Family of DUDGEON, Edna Mae & PIERCE, James Franklin
Girl Living

DUDGEON, Charles (male)
Father3 Jun 1776SR., Simon Dudgeon
Mother12 Oct 1790ELLIOTT, Nancy Ann
Birth5 Oct 1815Knox Co.,Ohio

CARTER, Margaret (female)
Birth25 Dec 1815Virginia

Family of DUDGEON, Charles & CARTER, Margaret
Girl6 Sep 1843DUDGEON, un named girl
Boy5 Sep 1844DUDGEON, un named boy
Girl9 Feb 1848DUDGEON, Rachel J
Boy9 Feb 1848DUDGEON, William Harper
Boy10 Jul 1850DUDGEON, Timothy B
Girl1851DUDGEON, Sarah Ann

DUDGEON, William Harper (male)
Father5 Oct 1815DUDGEON, Charles
Mother25 Dec 1815CARTER, Margaret
Birth9 Feb 1848Union Township,Auglaize Co.,Ohio

FOWLS, Martha Jane (female)
Birth31 Jan 1851Ohio

Family of DUDGEON, William Harper & FOWLS, Martha Jane
Boy8 Oct 1874DUDGEON, Charles Conway
Boy1877DUDGEON, Harry C.
Boy1 May 1879DUDGEON, Samuel Clarence
Boy1881DUDGEON, Edward
Girl14 Nov 1888DUDGEON, Lulu Ann
Girl12 Jun 1890DUDGEON, Lottie May

DUDGEON, Charles Conway (male)
Father9 Feb 1848DUDGEON, William Harper
Mother31 Jan 1851FOWLS, Martha Jane
Birth8 Oct 1874Knox Co.,Ohio

SANDERS, Alice May (female)
Birth30 May 1884Licking Co.,Ohio

DUDGEON, Harry C. (male)
Father9 Feb 1848DUDGEON, William Harper
Mother31 Jan 1851FOWLS, Martha Jane

BEBOUT, Cora B (female)

DUDGEON, Lulu Ann (female)
Father9 Feb 1848DUDGEON, William Harper
Mother31 Jan 1851FOWLS, Martha Jane
Birth14 Nov 1888Unknown

DOWDEN, William H (male)

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