HARDIN, William (male)
Father4 Mar 1790HARDIN, John
Mother1792COOK, Louise
Birth1828Knox Co. Ohio

Living (female)

Family of HARDIN, William
Marriage23 Aug 1849Auglaize Co. Ohio

HARDIN, Isaac (male)
Father4 Mar 1790HARDIN, John
Mother1792COOK, Louise
Birth21 Mar 1823Waynesfield,Auglaize Co.,Ohio

RIDLEY, Esther (female)
Birth4 Oct 1826Unknown

Family of HARDIN, Isaac & RIDLEY, Esther
Marriage5 Apr 1849Auglaize Co. Ohio
GirlFeb 1850HARDIN, Sarah A.
Boy1852HARDIN, Eliza
Girl1854HARDIN, Hulda
Girl10 Dec 1856HARDIN, Amia
Girl1859HARDIN, Nancy
Boy12 Jan 1862HARDIN, Artileous
Girl15 Aug 1865HARDIN, Olive
Girl1871HARDIN, Almeda

HARDIN, Noah (male)
Father4 Mar 1790HARDIN, John
Mother3 May 1803NIEHART, Catherine
Birth25 Jan 1834Knox Co. Ohio

KLINGERMAN, Irene (female)

Family of HARDIN, Noah & KLINGERMAN, Irene
MarriageUnknownAuglaize Co. Ohio
Girl1868GILMER, Mary E.
Boy12 May 1875HARDIN, Mark

HARDIN, Artileous (male)
Father21 Mar 1823HARDIN, Isaac
Mother4 Oct 1826RIDLEY, Esther
Birth12 Jan 1862Waynesfield,Auglaize Co.,Ohio

ALLEN, Mary Euretha (female)

Family of HARDIN, Artileous & ALLEN, Mary Euretha
Girl Living
Girl Living
Girl Living
Girl Living
Boy Living
Boy6 Aug 1889HARDEN, Torrance W.
Boy26 Aug 1907HARDIN, Victor

HARDIN, Victor (male)
Father12 Jan 1862HARDIN, Artileous
Mother1869ALLEN, Mary Euretha
Birth26 Aug 1907Auglaize Co. Ohio

Living (female)

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