MOSER, John (male)
Father1710MOSER, Leonard
Mother24 Feb 1732BINCKLEY, Sarah
Birth3 Jun 1776Unknown

Living (female)

Family of MOSER, John
Marriage12 Dec 1795Stokes Co.,North Carolina

MOSER, Sophia Theresa (female)
Father1749MOSER, Leonard
Birth25 Dec 1802Graceham,Frederick Co.,Md

Living (male)

Family of MOSER, Sophia Theresa
Marriage2 Apr 1826Graceham,Frederick Co.,Md

MOSER, Elias (male)
Father1749MOSER, Leonard
Birth23 Apr 1809Graceham,Frederick Co.,Md

HARP, Lydan (female)

Family of MOSER, Elias & HARP, Lydan
Boy Living
Girl Living
Girl Living
Girl Living
Boy Living
Boy13 Jan 1837MOSER, Jacob

MOSER, Jacob (male)
Father23 Apr 1809MOSER, Elias
MotherUnknownHARP, Lydan
Birth13 Jan 1837Mechanicstown,Frederick Co.,Md

Living (female)

MOSER, Peter (male)
Father15 Mar 1763MOSER, Francis M.
Mother1763MILLER, Elizabeth
BirthNov 1790Lincoln Co.,North Carolina

BALLIET, Maria Magdalena (female)
Birth1793Schlossrs Church,Lehigh Co.,Penn

Family of MOSER, Peter & BALLIET, Maria Magdalena
Marriage17 Sep 1812Conover,Lincoln Co.,North Carolina
Girl Living
Boy30 Dec 1813MOSER, Jacob
Boy3 Dec 1815MOSER, Daniel
Girl23 Dec 1817MOSER, Laphrenia
Girl9 Apr 1820MOSER, Katharine
Boy1 Nov 1822MOSER, Francis
Girl1823MOSER, Sarah Ann
Boy10 Feb 1825MOSER, John
Boy1828MOSER, Peter
Boy15 May 1830MOSER, Israel Miller
Boy1832MOSER, Andrew Jackson

MOSER, John (male)
Father15 Mar 1763MOSER, Francis M.
Mother1763MILLER, Elizabeth
Birth16 Aug 1793Lincoln Co.,North Carolina

HANSUCKER, Barbara (female)

Family of MOSER, John & HANSUCKER, Barbara
Boy12 Nov 1816MOSER, Infant
Girl8 Oct 1817MOSER, Eliza
Boy25 Apr 1820MOSER, Philip
Boy9 Apr 1822MOSER, Noah

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