RUNYON, Benjamin (male)
Father24 Jun 1792RUNYON, John III
Mother2 Jun 1799PRICE, Mary
Birth6 Feb 1819Brock's Gap,Rockinham Co. Va.

NICHOLAS, Elizabeth (female)
Birth2 Jan 1821Va

Family of RUNYON, Benjamin & NICHOLAS, Elizabeth
Marriage17 Jun 1838Champaign Co,Ohio
Boy Living
Girl Living
Girl24 May 1840RUNYON, Mary Jane
BoyNov 1841RUNYON, George W.
Girl24 Sep 1845RUNYON, Sarah E
Boy6 Feb 1847RUNYON, John Harrison
Girl17 Aug 1848RUNYON, Margaret Ann
GirlAug 1850RUNYON, Minerva
Girl1852RUNYON, Martha E
GirlJan 1855RUNYON, Laura S
Boy1859RUNYON, Benjamin F
Girl15 Jul 1863RUNYON, Clarissa M

RUNYON, John III (male)
Father1765JR., John Runyon
Mother2 Dec 1764RIFE, Ester
Birth24 Jun 1792Brock's Bock,Rockingham Co.,Va

PRICE, Mary (female)
Birth2 Jun 1799Brock's Gap,Rockingham Co.,Va

Family of RUNYON, John III & PRICE, Mary
Marriage8 Aug 1815Rockingham CO.,Va
Boy1816RUNYON, Daniel
Boy6 Feb 1819RUNYON, Benjamin
Boy2 Nov 1832RUNYON, Sampson
Boy1836RUNYON, John Washington

RUNYON, John Washington (male)
Father24 Jun 1792RUNYON, John III
Mother2 Jun 1799PRICE, Mary

HILL, Lydia Ann (female)

Family of RUNYON, John Washington & HILL, Lydia Ann
Boy1885RUNYON, Harry Alvin

RUNYON, Harry Alvin (male)
Father1836RUNYON, John Washington
Mother1858HILL, Lydia Ann

HIRSCHY, Martha (female)

Family of RUNYON, Harry Alvin & HIRSCHY, Martha
Boy1913RUNYON, Lawrence Virgil

RUNYON, Lawrence Virgil (male)
Father1885RUNYON, Harry Alvin
Mother1885HIRSCHY, Martha

HARTGERINK, Leilah Ethlyn (female)

Family of RUNYON, Lawrence Virgil & HARTGERINK, Leilah Ethlyn
Boy Living
Boy Living

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