SHAW, Frederick Alexander Charlton (male)
Father1879SHAW, Wilfred
Mother1877ASHBAUGH, Winnifred

SHULTZ, Joyce L. (female)

SHAW, Joseph Wilfred (male)
Father1879SHAW, Wilfred
Mother1877ASHBAUGH, Winnifred

TURNER, Dorothy Irene (female)

SHAW, Francis Roland (male)
Father1879SHAW, Wilfred
Mother1877ASHBAUGH, Winnifred

TAYLOR, Margaret Mickle (female)

SHAW, Charles Le Roy (male)
Father16 Jun 1856SHAW, John Monroe
Mother3 Nov 1854BRENTLINGER, Sarah Elizabeth
Birth11 Oct 1887Duchouquet Twn,Auglaize Co.,Ohio

MILLER, Blanche (female)
Father4 Jul 1855MILLER, Joseph J.
Mother3 Nov 1857HARDIN, Martha
Birth5 Dec 1890Joseph Miller farm,Unioon Twn,Auglaize Co.,Ohio

Family of SHAW, Charles Le Roy & MILLER, Blanche
Boy Living

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