SMITH, Helen (female)
Birth3 Jan 1924Unknown

Living (male)

Living (female)

SMADING, Cecil Ralph (male)
Birth28 Aug 1927Unknown

SMITH, Pearl Marie (female)
Father29 Aug 1863SMITH, Frank
Mother21 Oct 1873ASHBAUGH, Carrie Blanche
Birth8 May 1903Wyandotte Co.,KS

Living (male)

Family of SMITH, Pearl Marie
Girl Living

SMITH, Douglas Skilton (male)
Father23 Nov 1885SMITH, Ralph Lyons
Mother5 Feb 1890SKILTON, Lillian
Birth7 Apr 1918Philadelphia,PA; 0

HUNT, Anita Abott (female)
Birth26 May 19180

Family of SMITH, Douglas Skilton & HUNT, Anita Abott
Marriage18 Sep 1941West Hartford,CT; Quality: 0
Girl Living
Girl Living
Girl Living

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