WEAVER, Henry (male)
FatherAbout 1788WEAVER, Joseph
MotherAbout 1796BOLIN, Susan
Birth17 Jun 1837Adams Co.,PA

STRASBAUGH, Caroline (female)
Birth4 Dec 1838Unknown

Family of WEAVER, Henry & STRASBAUGH, Caroline
Marriage28 Nov 1865Unknown
Boy12 Jun 1866WEAVER, Vincent Joseph Maria
Boy23 Sep 1868WEAVER, Ruben Emanuel
Boy28 Feb 1870WEAVER, John jacob
Boy6 Jan 1872WEAVER, Edward Augustus

WEAVER, Juliana (female)
Father16 Mar 1798WEAVER, Henry
Mother20 Mar 1798BOLIN, Christine
Birth8 Nov 1820Adams Co.,PA

RIDER, Joseph (male)
Birth18 Mar 1812Unknown

Family of WEAVER, Juliana & RIDER, Joseph
Marriage13 Nov 1855Unknown
Girl6 Jul 1857RIDER, Sarah
Girl17 Sep 1858RIDER, Mary Catharine
Girl16 Jun 1860RIDER, Louisa Agnes
Girl2 Aug 1861RIDER, Juliana
Girl18 Apr 1863RIDER, Josephine C.
BoyAbout 1866RIDER, Samuel

WEAVER, Catharine Cecilia (female)
Father16 Mar 1798WEAVER, Henry
Mother20 Mar 1798BOLIN, Christine
Birth9 Feb 1825Adams Co.,PA

MILLER, Jacob Elias (male)
Birth23 Aug 1828Unknown

Family of WEAVER, Catharine Cecilia & MILLER, Jacob Elias
Marriage25 Dec 1849Unknown
Boy21 Dec 1850MILLER, Peter Mathias
Boy10 Oct 1852MILLER, John Henry
Boy9 Aug 1854MILLER, Francis Xavier
Boy18 Jan 1857MILLER, Jacob Franklin
Girl25 Apr 1861MILLER, Rosana Catharine
Boy26 May 1863MILLER, Jacob Elias

WEAVER, Agnes (female)
Father16 Mar 1798WEAVER, Henry
Mother20 Mar 1798BOLIN, Christine
Birth23 Feb 1827Adams Co.,PA

LITTLE, Samuel (male)
Birth5 Feb 1828Unknown

Family of WEAVER, Agnes & LITTLE, Samuel
Marriage26 Nov 1850Unknown
Boy27 Nov 1851LITTLE, William Henry
Boy15 Jul 1854LITTLE, John Samuel
Boy18 Jun 1856LITTLE, Francis Xavier Michael
Girl11 Jun 1858LITTLE, Louise Agnes Ann
Boy3 Jul 1859LITTLE, James Cornelius
Boy21 Mar 1862LITTLE, Joseph Ignatius

WEAVER, Sibilla (Sevilla) (female)
Father16 Mar 1798WEAVER, Henry
Mother20 Mar 1798BOLIN, Christine
Birth17 Aug 1832Adams Co.,PA

ELTZ, John F. (male)
BirthAbout 1831Unknown

Family of WEAVER, Sibilla (Sevilla) & ELTZ, John F.
Marriage25 Nov 1856Unknown
Girl4 Sep 1857ELTZ, Mary Ellen
Girl18 Dec 1860ELTZ, Emma Christina
Girl27 May 1862ELTZ, Rosanna Catharine
Boy10 Aug 1864ELTZ, Edward Henry?
Boy9 May 1866ELTZ, John Henry
Girl29 Aug 1868ELTZ, Josephine Elizabeth
Girl24 Dec 1869ELTZ, Sarah Anna
Girl13 Aug 1871ELTZ, Agnes Cecily
Boy28 Sep 1872ELTZ, Charles Thomas
Boy7 Jun 1875ELTZ, Francis Albert

WEAVER, William Francis (male)
Father16 Mar 1798WEAVER, Henry
Mother20 Mar 1798BOLIN, Christine
Birth7 Dec 1834Adams Co.,PA

ORENDORF, Agnes Cecelia (female)
Birth5 Nov 1841Unknown

Family of WEAVER, William Francis & ORENDORF, Agnes Cecelia
Marriage6 May 1860Unknown
Girl24 Jan 1861WEAVER, Mary Ann
Girl26 Sep 1862WEAVER, Mary Helena (Ella)
Girl5 Mar 1864WEAVER, Virginia Catherina (Jennie)
Boy12 Jan 1866WEAVER, Edward Joseph
Girl26 Apr 1867WEAVER, A. Catherina
Boy17 Apr 1869WEAVER, Vincent Jacob
Boy11 Dec 1870WEAVER, John Henry
Boy11 Dec 1870WEAVER, William Francis
Girl17 Feb 1872WEAVER, Sarah Agnes
Boy18 Apr 1874WEAVER, Charles Augustus
Girl12 Jul 1875WEAVER, Mary Elizabeth
Girl9 Jul 1876WEAVER, Mary Margaret
Boy30 Aug 1877WEAVER, Francis Xavier
Boy6 Sep 1878WEAVER, Lewis Ignatius
Girl16 Jan 1880WEAVER, Emma J.
Boy5 Jan 1881WEAVER, Thomas Oscar
Girl14 May 1883WEAVER, Mary Emerentia
Boy15 Aug 1884WEAVER, James H.

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