WINTON, Robert M. (male)
Father7 Mar 1806WINTON, William
Mother11 Jun 1811HINSON, Mahala
Birth21 Jan 1834Unknown

MAXWELL, Margaret D. (female)
MotherUnknownCARR, Rebecca

Family of WINTON, Robert M. & MAXWELL, Margaret D.
MarriageAbout 1858Unknown
Boy19 Oct 1858WINTON, James Foster
Boy21 May 1861WINTON, William P.
Boy6 Feb 1864WINTON, John Leslie
Boy9 Sep 1872WINTON, Isaac Emit

WINTON, James Foster (male)
Father21 Jan 1834WINTON, Robert M.
MotherUnknownMAXWELL, Margaret D.
Birth19 Oct 1858Unknown

SMITH, Elizabeth Pernetta (female)
FatherUnknownSMITH, James Martin
MotherUnknownCOX, Martha Alice
Birth23 Oct 1868Unknown

Family of WINTON, James Foster & SMITH, Elizabeth Pernetta
BoyUnknownWINTON, Horace
BoyUnknownWINTON, Berley
Girl7 Sep 1885WINTON, Lulu Effie
Girl17 Mar 1889WINTON, Maude
Girl19 Sep 1891WINTON, Ermon
Girl18 Dec 1896WINTON, Avo
Girl1 Sep 1902WINTON, Emma L.
Boy24 Oct 1904WINTON, Alvah Lurton
Girl21 May 1911WINTON, Alleen

WINTON, William (male)
Father20 Nov 1770WINTON, Robert
Mother19 Jun 1787JONES, Elizabeth
Birth7 Mar 1806Unknown

HINSON, Mahala (female)
Birth11 Jun 1811Unknown

Family of WINTON, William & HINSON, Mahala
Girl Living
Boy21 Jan 1834WINTON, Robert M.
Girl21 Jan 1837WINTON, Pleasant H.
Girl1842WINTON, Sarah
Boy20 May 1846WINTON, Alexander Ferdinand
Girl5 Oct 1849WINTON, Margaret A.
Girl18 Jun 1851WINTON, Saphronia Clementine

WINTON, Robert (male)
FatherUnknownWINTON, William
MotherUnknownMCCLELLAN(D), Betsey
Birth20 Nov 1770Unknown

JONES, Elizabeth (female)
FatherUnknownJONES, Isaac (Jr.)
MotherUnknownOZBURN, Rachel
Birth19 Jun 1787Randolph Co.,N.C.

Family of WINTON, Robert & JONES, Elizabeth
Boy7 Mar 1806WINTON, William
GirlAbout 1810WINTON, Unknown
Boy11 Nov 1819WINTON, John J.

WINTON, William (male)

MCCLELLAN(D), Betsey (female)

Family of WINTON, William & MCCLELLAN(D), Betsey
Boy20 Nov 1770WINTON, Robert

WINTON, Maude (female)
Father19 Oct 1858WINTON, James Foster
Mother23 Oct 1868SMITH, Elizabeth Pernetta
Birth17 Mar 1889Unknown

KIMES, Unknown (male)

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