ASHBAUGH, James Saxton (male)
Father1760ASHBAUGH, Andrew
Mother1 Jan 1783RAY, Hester
Birth21 Aug 1821Rush Creek,Fairfield Co.,Ohio

HOUSTON, Margaret Ann (female)
Birth4 Sep 1837Unknown

Family of ASHBAUGH, James Saxton & HOUSTON, Margaret Ann
Marriage4 Aug 1854Unknown
BoyUnknownASHBAUGH, John
Girl Living
BoyUnknownASHBAUGH, James L.
Boy Living
GirlAbout 1855ASHBAUGH, Myrietta Jane
Boy2 Jan 1857ASHBAUGH, James Madison
Boy1 Feb 1859ASHBAUGH, Isaac Edison
GirlSep 1861ASHBAUGH, Luzilla
Girl31 Aug 1865ASHBAUGH, Flora Ella
Girl12 Aug 1868ASHBAUGH, Alice
Girl27 Sep 1874ASHBAUGH, Stella Belle
Boy22 Nov 1882ASHBAUGH, Charles Emerson

ASHBAUGH, Catherine (female)
Father1760ASHBAUGH, Andrew
Mother1 Jan 1783RAY, Hester
Birth1822Rush Creek,Fairfield Co.,Ohio

ADCOCK, Washington (male)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Catherine & ADCOCK, Washington
Marriage31 Jan 1841Perry Co.,Ohio
BoySep 1854ADCOCK, Robert Sylvester

ASHBAUGH, Mary Jane (female)
Father1760ASHBAUGH, Andrew
Mother1 Jan 1783RAY, Hester

COHAGEN, John (male)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Mary Jane & COHAGEN, John
Marriage3 Jan 1839Unknown
GirlUnknownCOHAGEN, Margaret

ASHBAUGH, Abraham R. (male)
Father1760ASHBAUGH, Andrew
Mother1 Jan 1783RAY, Hester
Birth1824Rush Creek,Fairfield Co.,Ohio

LINTON, Susan (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Abraham R. & LINTON, Susan
Marriage15 Nov 1851Unknown
Girl Living
Boy Living

ASHBAUGH, Robert N. (male)
Father1760ASHBAUGH, Andrew
Mother1 Jan 1783RAY, Hester
Birth1830Jackson Twp.,Perry Co.,Ohio

BUTIN, Emaline (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Robert N. & BUTIN, Emaline
Marriage4 Sep 1856Unknown
Boy Living
Boy1866ASHBAUGH, George

ASHBAUGH, Noah (male)
Father1 Jan 1800ASHBAUGH, David
Mother15 Mar 1810ARMENTROUT, Anna
Birth12 May 1851Hocking County,Ohio

Living (female)

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