ASHBAUGH, Charles E. (male)
Father1 Jan 1844ASHBAUGH, David H.
Mother1 Feb 1845WEIDENER, Catherine
Birth2 Nov 1870Unknown

OSENGA, Emma C. (female)

ASHBAUGH, Alvaro S. (male)
Father1 Jan 1844ASHBAUGH, David H.
Mother1 Feb 1845WEIDENER, Catherine
Birth7 Aug 1872Allen County,Ohio

SNYDER, Lola A. (female)
Father30 Aug 1832SNYDER, Peter
Mother1835SPRAW, A.

Family of ASHBAUGH, Alvaro S. & SNYDER, Lola A.
Marriage4 Sep 1898Van Wert County,Ohio
BoyJun 1899ASHBAUGH, Harold
Girl10 Dec 1900ASHBAUGH, Edna A.
Boy2 Mar 1903ASHBAUGH, Russell F.
BoyMay 1908ASHBAUGH, Walter

ASHBAUGH, David Franklin (male)
Father1 Jan 1844ASHBAUGH, David H.
Mother1 Feb 1845WEIDENER, Catherine
Birth18 Aug 1874Allen County,Ohio

BINKLEY, Bessa Belle (female)
Father30 Jul 1854BINKLEY, Abraham H.
Mother3 Oct 1848CARMEAN, Melissa Jane
Birth13 Jul 1879Wetzel,Van Wert Co.,Ohio

Family of ASHBAUGH, David Franklin & BINKLEY, Bessa Belle
Marriage12 Jan 1902Wetzel,Van Wert Co.,Ohio
Boy9 Aug 1903ASHBAUGH, Irvin Wando

ASHBAUGH, Martha Alice (female)
Father12 May 1851ASHBAUGH, Noah
Mother28 May 1849BLOSSER, Emily
Birth13 Jul 1871Hocking County,Ohio

WAGONER, William (male)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Martha Alice & WAGONER, William
Marriage2 Mar 1889Van Wert County,Ohio

ASHBAUGH, Harvey (male)
Father12 May 1851ASHBAUGH, Noah
Mother28 May 1849BLOSSER, Emily
Birth15 Aug 1873Hocking County,Ohio

STERLING, Emma (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Harvey & STERLING, Emma
Marriage3 Apr 1893Van Wert County,Ohio
Boy1895ASHBAUGH, Carl J.
Girl1897ASHBAUGH, Frances M.

ASHBAUGH, Jacob William (male)
Father12 May 1851ASHBAUGH, Noah
Mother28 May 1849BLOSSER, Emily
Birth15 Sep 1877Allen County,Ohio

MOREHOUSE, Anna K. (female)
Birth25 Jun 1880Allen County,Ohio

Family of ASHBAUGH, Jacob William & MOREHOUSE, Anna K.
Marriage9 Dec 1916Allen County,Ohio

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