ASHBAUGH, Sarah Agnes (female)
Father1823ASHBAUGH, Henry
MotherUnknownBOOP, Marie

BRATT, Abgus McIntosh (male)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Sarah Agnes & BRATT, Abgus McIntosh
Marriage25 Oct 1866Columbiana Co,Ohio

ASHBAUGH, Mariah Eliza (female)
Father1823ASHBAUGH, Henry
MotherUnknownBOOP, Marie
BirthFeb 1850Ohio

MENOUGH, Charles C. (male)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Mariah Eliza & MENOUGH, Charles C.
Marriage2 Jul 1867Columbiana Co,Ohio

ASHBAUGH, Rachel C. (female)
Father1825ASHBAUGH, Samuel
MotherUnknownKNOWLES, Narcissa
BirthMar 1853East Liverpool,Ohio

TILL, Richard H. (male)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Rachel C. & TILL, Richard H.
Marriage5 Apr 1881Columbiana Co,Ohio

ASHBAUGH, William (male)
Father7 Jul 1791ASHBAUGH, John
MotherAbout 1791SARVER, Catherine
BirthAbout 1835PA

Living (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, William
ChildAbout 1856ASHBAUGH, Unknown
BoyAbout 1857ASHBAUGH, Henry
BoyFeb 1860ASHBAUGH, John

ASHBAUGH, Oliver (male)
Father1823ASHBAUGH, Henry
MotherUnknownBOOP, Marie

JACKSON, Kate (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Oliver & JACKSON, Kate
Marriage12 Jun 1870Unknown
GirlUnknownASHBAUGH, Lillie A.
BoyUnknownASHBAUGH, Oliver (Jr.)
Boy Living
GirlUnknownASHBAUGH, Katy

ASHBAUGH, May (female)
Father13 Jan 1845ASHBAUGH, John H.
MotherUnknownMUMFORD, Maggie

GIBSON, Charles A. (male)

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