ASHBAUGH, Carrie Bernice (female)
Father18 Nov 1876ASHBAUGH, John Gevert
Mother1 Jul 1883SEELEY, Lora Belle
Birth28 Mar 1899Hotchkiss,Delta Co.,CO

BRACKEN, William Wallace (male)

ASHBAUGH, Marian Vivian (female)
Father18 Nov 1876ASHBAUGH, John Gevert
Mother1 Jul 1883SEELEY, Lora Belle
Birth31 Mar 1906Hotchkiss,Delta Co.,CO

DRAPER, Herbert Allen (male)
Birth18 Apr 1902Preston,Franklin,Idaho

Family of ASHBAUGH, Marian Vivian & DRAPER, Herbert Allen
Marriage1 Feb 1966Bennion,Salt Lake,Utah

ASHBAUGH, Edward C. (male)
FatherAbout 1820ASHBAUGH, Andrew Jackson
MotherUnknownRUDISELL, Mary Cordelia Heyer
BirthUnknownBremen,Fairfield Co.,Ohio

STANTON, Cora May (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Edward C. & STANTON, Cora May
Girl5 Jun 1892ASHBAUGH, Iva Dell
Girl8 Mar 1894ASHBAUGH, Erma Leola
Girl14 Oct 1895ASHBAUGH, Mary Viola
Boy21 Jul 1897ASHBAUGH, Gilbert Stanton
Child14 Apr 1899ASHBAUGH, Cecil Fay
Girl18 Mar 1901ASHBAUGH, Gladys Pearl
Girl9 May 1903ASHBAUGH, Mildred May

ASHBAUGH, Glenn T. (male)
Father2 Dec 1879ASHBAUGH, Custer A.
Mother7 Apr 1882SIPLE, Hattie E.
Birth6 Apr 1925Unknown

Living (female)
Birth20 Nov 1926Vandergrift,PA

Family of ASHBAUGH, Glenn T.
Marriage18 Mar 2000Vandergrift,PA

ASHBAUGH, Lewis D. (male)
Father23 Jan 1896ASHBAUGH, Jay
Birth20 May 1929Unknown

Living (female)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Lewis D.
Marriage8 Feb 1948Unknown
Girl Living
Boy Living
Boy Living
Girl Living
Girl Living

ASHBAUGH (ESHBACH), Daniel (male)
Father2 Jun 1795ASHBAUGH, John
Mother1805WETTLING (WHITLING), Eva Dorthea (Dolly) (Dorothy)
Birth18 Apr 1839St. Petersburg,PA

ALSBACH (ALSBAUGH), Amanda Lucinda (female)
Father18 Feb 1797ALSBACH, William
Mother16 Mar 1806SHIVELY, Catherine
Birth23 Sep 1839Clarion Co.,PA

Family of ASHBAUGH (ESHBACH), Daniel & ALSBACH (ALSBAUGH), Amanda Lucinda
MarriageAbout 1869Unknown
Boy1 Feb 1872ASHBAUGH, Franklin (Frank) Howard
Girl1 Feb 1872ASHBAUGH, Mary Annetta (Nettie)
Boy14 Apr 1874ASHBAUGH, Clarence Burdette
Girl18 Dec 1876ASHBAUGH, Lillian Mae (May)
Girl12 Sep 1879ASHBAUGH, Grace Rebecca

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