MYERS, John Cornelius (male)
Father28 Aug 1824MYERS, Cornelius
MotherMar 1834SELLS, Nancy Jane
Birth13 May 1852Fairfield Twp.,Bureau Co.,IL

KEWLEY, Ruth (female)
Birth6 Dec 1853Fairfield Twp.,Bureau Co.,IL

Family of MYERS, John Cornelius & KEWLEY, Ruth
Marriage15 Jun 1876Fairfield Twp.,Bureau Co.,IL
Girl24 Aug 1888MYERS, Jessie

MYERS, Jessie (female)
Father13 May 1852MYERS, John Cornelius
Mother6 Dec 1853KEWLEY, Ruth
Birth24 Aug 1888Volga,Clayton Co.,IA

PAGE, Myrl (male)
Birth30 Dec 1888Cambridge,Furnas Co.,NE

Family of MYERS, Jessie & PAGE, Myrl
Marriage22 May 1915Elkader,Clayton Co.,IA
Boy27 Oct 1918PAGE, LeRoy Ellsworth

MYERS, Theodore Henry (male)
Father25 Aug 1879MYERS, Warren Henry
Mother12 Sep 1879ASHBAUGH, Grace Rebecca
Birth4 Jan 1904Oil City,PA

WARREN, Cora Leda (female)
Father1876WARREN, George Alfred
Mother12 Jan 1876DAMP, Ada Ena (Elizabeth)
Birth13 Nov 1910U.S.

Family of MYERS, Theodore Henry & WARREN, Cora Leda
Marriage9 Aug 1925Cumberland,MD
Girl Living
Girl Living
Girl Living
Girl Living

MYERS, Warren Henry (male)
Father20 Jan 1843MYERS, George Washington (L.)
Mother29 Oct 1846WATERMAN, Anna Louise
Birth25 Aug 1879Myers Mills,Clarion,County,PA

ASHBAUGH, Grace Rebecca (female)
Father18 Apr 1839ASHBAUGH (ESHBACH), Daniel
Mother23 Sep 1839ALSBACH (ALSBAUGH), Amanda Lucinda
Birth12 Sep 1879Pilgraheim,PA

Family of MYERS, Warren Henry & ASHBAUGH, Grace Rebecca
Marriage10 Nov 1901St. Petersburg,PA,Methodist Church
Girl17 Oct 1902MYERS, Dorothy Irene
Boy4 Jan 1904MYERS, Theodore Henry
Girl7 Jan 1906MYERS, Mary Louise (Lou)
Girl10 Jun 1909MYERS, Charlotte Anna
Boy29 Jun 1915MYERS, George Gordon (Gordy)

MYERS, George Washington (L.) (male)
Father14 Mar 1799MYERS, Henry (Jr.)
Mother31 May 1800BURNS, Nancy A.
Birth20 Jan 1843PA

WATERMAN, Anna Louise (female)
Mother8 Apr 1816CHURCH, Delinda
Birth29 Oct 1846Colon,MI

Family of MYERS, George Washington (L.) & WATERMAN, Anna Louise
Marriage10 May 1874Chanute,KS
Boy25 Aug 1879MYERS, Warren Henry
Girl29 Aug 1882MYERS, Jennie Louise

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