MYERS, Henry (Jr.) (male)
Father3 Aug 1761MYERS, Henry (Sr.)
Mother16 Dec 1766STROBLE, Mary Sarah
Birth14 Mar 1799MD

BURNS, Nancy A. (female)
Father1761BURNS, Thomas
Mother22 Feb 1769MCNEIL, Margaret
Birth31 May 1800Pine Creek Township,Lycoming Co.,PA

Family of MYERS, Henry (Jr.) & BURNS, Nancy A.
Marriage28 Jan 1818Unknown
Boy23 Oct 1819MYERS, Joseph
Boy5 Aug 1821MYERS, Henry Singree (Singry)
Girl30 Sep 1823MYERS, Sally (Sarah) Ann
Boy11 Oct 1825MYERS, Thomas Burns
Boy8 Mar 1828MYERS, Jacob Howard
Boy2 Mar 1830MYERS, Solomon
Girl30 Apr 1832MYERS, Nancy Jane
Girl14 Aug 1834MYERS, Catyann (Cathy)(Katy)(Catherine) Ann
Girl20 Mar 1836MYERS, Mary Eleanor
Girl7 Apr 1838MYERS, Margaret Emily
Boy20 Sep 1840MYERS, Alfred Jackson
Boy20 Jan 1843MYERS, George Washington (L.)
GirlAfter 1843MYERS, Mary F.

MYERS, Henry (Sr.) (male)
Father1730MYERS, George
MotherBefore 1742SINGREE, Elizabeth (Elsie)
Birth3 Aug 1761Harford County,near Baltimore,MD

STROBLE, Mary Sarah (female)
FatherAbout 1732STROBLE (STROUBLE) (STROWBLE), Zachariah
Birth16 Dec 1766Hesse Province,Germany

Family of MYERS, Henry (Sr.) & STROBLE, Mary Sarah
Marriage25 Mar 1783York County,PA
Girl7 Jun 1784MYERS, Nancy Ann
Girl3 Jan 1787MYERS, Elizabeth (Eliza)
Girl10 Dec 1789MYERS, Mary (Polly)
Boy19 Jan 1792MYERS, George Singree (Singery)
Girl7 Sep 1794MYERS, Henrietta
Girl17 Feb 1797MYERS, Mary Sarah
Boy14 Mar 1799MYERS, Henry (Jr.)
Girl11 Feb 1803MYERS, Margaret
Boy23 Nov 1804MYERS, Jacob Alman
Boy10 Apr 1805MYERS, John
Girl17 Aug 1807MYERS, Lovica (Louisa) (Lovicy) (Lottie) (Lucy)
Girl1 Mar 1811MYERS, Susanna(h) (Susan)
Boy9 Jun 1813MYERS, James Stroble

MYERS, George (male)
FatherAbout 1700MYERS, Frederick
MotherBefore 1741UNKNOWN, Unknown

SINGREE, Elizabeth (Elsie) (female)
BirthBefore 1742Switzerland

Family of MYERS, George & SINGREE, Elizabeth (Elsie)
Marriage20 Aug 1754York County,PA
Boy3 Aug 1761MYERS, Henry (Sr.)
Boy1765MYERS, George

MYERS, Frederick (male)
BirthAbout 1700Saxony,Germany

UNKNOWN, Unknown (female)
BirthBefore 1741Germany,probably

Family of MYERS, Frederick & UNKNOWN, Unknown
Boy1730MYERS, George
GirlBefore 1761MYERS, Sally
BoyBefore 1761MYERS, Henry
BoyBefore 1761MYERS, Jacob
GirlBefore 1761MYERS, Nancy

MYERS, George Singree (Singery) (male)
Father3 Aug 1761MYERS, Henry (Sr.)
Mother16 Dec 1766STROBLE, Mary Sarah
Birth19 Jan 1792Harford County,near Baltimore,MD

BURNS, Eleanor (Ellen) (female)
Father1761BURNS, Thomas
Mother22 Feb 1769MCNEIL, Margaret
Birth2 Jul 1796Chester Co.,PA

Family of MYERS, George Singree (Singery) & BURNS, Eleanor (Ellen)
Marriage15 Oct 1815Unknown

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