BINCKLEY, Heinrich (male)
Father21 Apr 1738BINCKLEY, Christian
Mother1739RIED, Elizabeth
Birth1767Washington County,Maryland USA

Living (female)

Family of BINCKLEY, Heinrich
Boy1803BINCKLEY, Adam
Boy27 Dec 1806BINCKLEY, Emmanuel

BINCKLEY, Maria Elizabeth (female)
Father21 Apr 1738BINCKLEY, Christian
Mother1739RIED, Elizabeth
Birth12 May 1776Unknown

Living (male)

BINCKLEY, Jacob (male)
Father21 Apr 1738BINCKLEY, Christian
Mother1739RIED, Elizabeth
Birth20 Sep 1789OHIO

DOWNOUR, Martha (female)

Family of BINCKLEY, Jacob & DOWNOUR, Martha
Girl Living
Boy Living
Boy Living
Boy Living
Boy Living
Boy Living
Girl Living
Girl Living
Girl Living
Girl Living
Boy Living
Boy Living

BINCKLEY, John (male)
Father1764BINCKLEY, Johannes Jacob
Mother23 Feb 1772IRANY, Fronica
Birth14 Apr 1800Penn.

FISHER, Maria Eva (female)
Father25 Oct 1776FISHER, Johannes
Mother22 Dec 1780WEISER, Hannah
Birth15 Oct 1801Northumberland Co.,Penn.

Family of BINCKLEY, John & FISHER, Maria Eva
Marriage25 May 1819Perry Co.,Ohio { reformed Church Minister}
Boy27 Apr 1821BINCKLEY, Michael
Boy19 Oct 1822BINCKLEY, Samuel
Girl8 Jul 1824BINCKLEY, Lydia Ann
Girl24 Nov 1825BINCKLEY, Margarete
Girl30 Mar 1828BINCKLEY, Matilda
Girl12 Sep 1830BINCKLEY, Sarah
Boy27 Jun 1832BINCKLEY, Christopher
Boy23 Dec 1835BINCKLEY, John
Girl30 Dec 1836BINCKLEY, Hannah
Boy18 Mar 1837BINCKLEY, Aaron
Girl1838BINCKLEY, Francis
Girl24 Dec 1841BINCKLEY, Mary
Boy1843BINCKLEY, Levi
Boy1844BINCKLEY, John D

BINCKLEY, Daniel (male)
Father1764BINCKLEY, Johannes Jacob
Mother23 Feb 1772IRANY, Fronica
Birth12 Jan 1806perry co.,Ohio

ZARTMAN, Catherine (female)

Family of BINCKLEY, Daniel & ZARTMAN, Catherine
Marriage17 Dec 1829Perry Co.,Ohio
Boy1839BINCKLEY, Thomas

BINCKLEY, Michael (male)
Father14 Apr 1800BINCKLEY, John
Mother15 Oct 1801FISHER, Maria Eva
Birth27 Apr 1821Perry Co.,Ohio

ALBERT, Anna (female)
Father16 Aug 1782JR., Peter Albert
Birth13 Aug 1815Penn

Family of BINCKLEY, Michael & ALBERT, Anna
Marriage27 Oct 1841Perry Co.,Ohio

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