HAINLINE, Isaac (male)
Father12 Sep 1801HAINLINE, George
Mother1799BUMBARGER, Christina
Birth14 Jul 1845Mercer County,Ohio

ASHBAUGH, Mary Matilda (female)
Father29 Mar 1826ASHBAUGH, John
Mother2 Sep 1826FORSYTHE, Nancy
Birth2 Sep 1847Ohio

Family of HAINLINE, Isaac & ASHBAUGH, Mary Matilda
Marriage19 Sep 1865Unknown
Girl1866HAINLINE, Anna Elizabeth
Girl14 Apr 1868HAINLINE, Cordelia

HAINLINE, Isaac (male)
Father12 Sep 1801HAINLINE, George
Mother1799BUMBARGER, Christina
Birth14 Jul 1845Mercer County,Ohio

BRICKER, Catherine Elizabeth (female)
Birth20 Oct 1844Pennsylvania

Family of HAINLINE, Isaac & BRICKER, Catherine Elizabeth
Marriage4 Dec 1873Mercer Co.,Ohio
Girl16 Apr 1875HAINLINE, Emma L.
Girl19 Dec 1878HAINLINE, Unknown
Boy24 Jan 1880HAINLINE, Horace G.
Boy12 Sep 1881HAINLINE, Clement L.
Girl4 Nov 1883HAINLINE, Eva Gabie

HAINLINE, George (male)
Birth12 Sep 1801Kentucky

BUMBARGER, Christina (female)

Family of HAINLINE, George & BUMBARGER, Christina
Boy14 Jul 1845HAINLINE, Isaac
Boy11 Jan 1847HAINLINE, Henry
Girl11 Mar 1849HAINLINE, Matilda

HAINLINE, Henry (male)
Father12 Sep 1801HAINLINE, George
Mother1799BUMBARGER, Christina
Birth11 Jan 1847Mercer County,Ohio

ASHBAUGH, Catherine (female)
Father14 Apr 1828ASHBAUGH, Abram
Mother20 Sep 1831MERICLE, Mary Nee
BirthOct 1853Hocking County,Ohio

Family of HAINLINE, Henry & ASHBAUGH, Catherine
Marriage18 Aug 1872Allen County,Ohio
Boy15 Dec 1873HAINLINE, Abram
Girl9 Oct 1875HAINLINE, Anna
Boy12 Sep 1877HAINLINE, Charles
Boy21 Sep 1879HAINLINE, George
GirlMar 1882HAINLINE, Leona
BoyMar 1884HAINLINE, David
Girl10 May 1889HAINLINE, Lydia
Boy7 May 1892HAINLINE, Abram
Girl30 Sep 1892HAINLINE, Mary
Girl2 Oct 1897HAINLINE, Ada May

HAINLINE, George (male)
Birth12 Sep 1801Kentucky

HUSTARD, Mary (female)

Family of HAINLINE, George & HUSTARD, Mary
Girl16 Mar 1822HAINLINE, Hannah B.
Girl23 Jun 1823HAINLINE, Elizabeth
Girl22 Oct 1824HAINLINE, Sarah Ann
Girl16 Jun 1827HAINLINE, Mary Caroline
Girl9 Aug 1829HAINLINE, Rebecca
Girl27 Apr 1831HAINLINE, Phebe
Boy20 Apr 1833HAINLINE, George W.
Boy25 Jan 1834HAINLINE, David
Boy13 Jan 1926HAINLINE, John

HAINLINE, Anna (female)
Father11 Jan 1847HAINLINE, Henry
MotherOct 1853ASHBAUGH, Catherine
Birth9 Oct 1875Allen County,Ohio

ADAMS, Charles Dayton (male)

Family of HAINLINE, Anna & ADAMS, Charles Dayton
Boy1897ADAMS, Ralph Charles
Girl1900ADAMS, Edna May
Boy1904ADAMS, Raymond Gerald
Boy1906ADAMS, Ervin Henry
Girl1910ADAMS, Catherine Leona
Boy1912ADAMS, Walter David
Girl1915ADAMS, Esther Marie
Girl1915ADAMS, Ruth Ann
Boy1919ADAMS, Guy Robert

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