RUMMEL, Josiah (male)
Father10 Mar 1800RUMMEL, George Perry
Birth19 Mar 1838Richland Co.,Ohio

Family of RUMMEL, Josiah
Boy10 Jan 1877RUMMEL, David Harry

RUMMEL, David Harry (male)
Father19 Mar 1838RUMMEL, Josiah
Birth10 Jan 1877Olin,Jones Co.,IA

Family of RUMMEL, David Harry
Boy16 Jun 1911RUMMEL, Josiah Francis

RUMMEL, Jacob (male)

ALTMAN, Susanah (female)

Family of RUMMEL, Jacob & ALTMAN, Susanah
Girl13 Dec 1832RUMMEL, Mary Lucy

RUMMEL, Clermont L. (male)
Father11 Apr 1852RUMMEL, Calvin C.
Mother4 Jun 1854SENSENBACHER, Louisa Mary
Birth14 Oct 1889New Springfield,Columbiana Co.,Ohio

BROWN, Helen Elizabeth (female)
Birth13 Jun 1918Huntingdon Park,CA

Family of RUMMEL, Clermont L. & BROWN, Helen Elizabeth
Marriage30 Oct 1960Unknown

RUMMEL, Paul Curtis (male)
Father2 Sep 1879RUMMEL, Warren S.
Mother29 Feb 1880SCHEUERLE, Mary
Birth17 Jan 1904Fairfield Twp.,Westmoreland Co.,PA

UNKNOWN, Vivian I. (female)

RUMMEL, Mytle Irene (female)
Father2 Sep 1879RUMMEL, Warren S.
Mother29 Feb 1880SCHEUERLE, Mary
Birth18 Dec 1905Fairfield Twp.,Columbiana Co.,Ohio

HECK, Herbert Burdell (male)
Birth11 Sep 1908Unity Twp.,Columbiana Co.,Ohio

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