SHAFER, Samuel (male)
Father15 Aug 1798SHAFER, John
Mother24 Aug 1804ASHBAUGH, Adecima "Idesma"
Birth1 Mar 1841Unknown

HARMON, Latisia (female)

SHAFER, Andrew L. (male)
Father15 Aug 1798SHAFER, John
Mother24 Aug 1804ASHBAUGH, Adecima "Idesma"
Birth29 Sep 1832Ohio

RUMMEL, Mary Lucy (female)
FatherUnknownRUMMEL, Jacob
MotherUnknownALTMAN, Susanah
Birth13 Dec 1832Mahoning Co,OH

Family of SHAFER, Andrew L. & RUMMEL, Mary Lucy
Marriage1853Mahoning Co,OH
GirlAbout 1854SHAFER, Alta
Boy13 Mar 1856SHAFER, Alason
Boy7 Jan 1860SHAFER, Zadok Samuel
Boy27 Jul 1862SHAFER, Freeman Edwin
Boy10 Oct 1864SHAFER, Claron L.

SHAFER, Alason (male)
Father29 Sep 1832SHAFER, Andrew L.
Mother13 Dec 1832RUMMEL, Mary Lucy
Birth13 Mar 1856Unknown

UNKNOWN, Arminda J. (female)

SHAFER, Freeman Edwin (male)
Father29 Sep 1832SHAFER, Andrew L.
Mother13 Dec 1832RUMMEL, Mary Lucy
Birth27 Jul 1862Columbiana Co,Ohio

JOHNSON, Laura Belle Fetter (female)
BirthAbout 1865Unknown

SHAFER, John (male)
Father15 Aug 1798SHAFER, John
Mother24 Aug 1804ASHBAUGH, Adecima "Idesma"
Birth9 May 1843Mahoning Co,OH

WARNER, Anna Margaret (female)

Family of SHAFER, John & WARNER, Anna Margaret
Girl1869SHAFER, Harriet Ellen

SHAFER, Zadok Samuel (male)
Father29 Sep 1832SHAFER, Andrew L.
Mother13 Dec 1832RUMMEL, Mary Lucy
Birth7 Jan 1860Washingtonville,Mahoning Co.,Ohio

POORMAN, Malissa A. (female)
FatherUnknownPOORMAN, George
MotherUnknownWINELAND, Mary
Birth30 Nov 1861Forest,Hardin Co.,Ohio

Family of SHAFER, Zadok Samuel & POORMAN, Malissa A.
Marriage3 Apr 1884Dunkirk,Ohio
BoyUnknownSHAFER, Sylvester
BoyUnknownSHAFER, Guy
Boy7 Aug 1885SHAFER, Edwin J,
Girl14 Nov 1886SHAFER, Cora
Boy27 Aug 1888SHAFER, Clarence Delmar
Boy6 Jun 1892SHAFER, Harley
Girl1 Feb 1896SHAFER, Mable Leona
Boy19 Jul 1898SHAFER, Russel
Girl16 Dec 1900SHAFER, Estella
Child20 May 1903SHAFER, Ilo

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