ASHBAUGH, Armenius (Dr.) (male)
Father6 Jun 1782ASHBAUGH, John
Mother22 Mar 1785SELLS, Sophia
Birth19 Apr 1809Columbus,Ohio

SPRAGUE, Sophia G. (female)
Birth25 Jan 1816Rhode Island

Family of ASHBAUGH, Armenius (Dr.) & SPRAGUE, Sophia G.
Marriage18 Feb 1834Delaware,Delaware Co.,Ohio
Girl3 Apr 1835ASHBAUGH, Anna
Boy9 Feb 1837ASHBAUGH, Parden Sprague
Girl29 Jul 1845ASHBAUGH, Armenia Ellen
Boy3 Jul 1846ASHBAUGH, John Master

ASHBAUGH, Cyrus (male)
Father6 Jun 1782ASHBAUGH, John
Mother22 Mar 1785SELLS, Sophia
Birth25 May 1811Marietta,Ohio

HUSTON, Mariah (female)
Birth16 Apr 1819Unknown

Family of ASHBAUGH, Cyrus & HUSTON, Mariah
Marriage3 Sep 1835Franklin,Ohio
Girl16 May 1837ASHBAUGH, Louisa
Boy13 Dec 1838ASHBAUGH, David Rooney
Boy4 Oct 1841ASHBAUGH, Hugh H.
Girl20 Oct 1843ASHBAUGH, Eliza Sophia
Girl25 Aug 1848ASHBAUGH, Maria
Boy12 Jun 1851ASHBAUGH, Rachel A.
Girl10 Nov 1852ASHBAUGH, Mary Jane

ASHBAUGH, John Meak (male)
Father6 Jun 1782ASHBAUGH, John
Mother22 Mar 1785SELLS, Sophia
Birth26 Feb 1819Franklin Co.,Ohio

ARTZ, Mary Catharine (female)
Birth3 Sep 1820Mercer Co.,IL

Family of ASHBAUGH, John Meak & ARTZ, Mary Catharine
Marriage22 Jan 1840Franklin,Ohio
Boy3 Sep 1840ASHBAUGH, William Henry Harrison
Boy8 May 1842ASHBAUGH, Armenius Fletcher (Dr.)
Boy13 May 1844ASHBAUGH, Theophelous Lambert (Dr.)
Boy3 Nov 1845ASHBAUGH, Lewis Sells
Girl6 Oct 1847ASHBAUGH, Marilla Josephine
Boy15 Jan 1849ASHBAUGH, John Isaac (Dr.)
Boy27 Aug 1852ASHBAUGH, Abraham (Dr.)
Girl11 Nov 1854ASHBAUGH, Sarah Sophia
Girl7 May 1857ASHBAUGH, Varian
Girl1 Oct 1859ASHBAUGH, Anna Virginia
Girl24 May 1861ASHBAUGH, Alice Olive (Dr.)
Girl9 Oct 1863ASHBAUGH, Lucy
Girl5 Mar 1865ASHBAUGH, Blanche D.

ASHBAUGH, Lewis Sells (Rev. Dr. Capt.) (male)
Father6 Jun 1782ASHBAUGH, John
Mother22 Mar 1785SELLS, Sophia
Birth21 Jul 1821Mercer Co.,IL

MERRITT, Harriett L. (female)
Birth2 Jun 1822Pike Co.,PA

Family of ASHBAUGH, Lewis Sells (Rev. Dr. Capt.) & MERRITT, Harriett L.
Marriage22 Jun 1843Marion Co.,Ohio
Boy27 Aug 1844ASHBAUGH, Henry Clay
BoyAbout 1846ASHBAUGH, William
Boy19 Mar 1848ASHBAUGH, George G.
BoyAbout 1850ASHBAUGH, Lewis A.

ASHBAUGH, Henry Clay (male)
Father21 Jul 1821ASHBAUGH, Lewis Sells (Rev. Dr. Capt.)
Mother2 Jun 1822MERRITT, Harriett L.
Birth27 Aug 1844Worthington,Franklin Co.,Ohio

ARCHER, Emaline A. (female)
Birth16 Feb 1846Unknown

Family of ASHBAUGH, Henry Clay & ARCHER, Emaline A.
Marriage27 Apr 1870Camden Mills,Rock Island Co.,IL
Girl Living
Girl22 Jul 1871ASHBAUGH, Mary Archer
Boy16 Feb 1873ASHBAUGH, Frederick Newton
Girl30 Jun 1875ASHBAUGH, Harriet L.
Girl30 Nov 1877ASHBAUGH, Minnie C.
Boy11 Mar 1880ASHBAUGH, Louis Boyd
Boy23 Jul 1882ASHBAUGH, William Henry
Girl16 Nov 1884ASHBAUGH, Mattie

ASHBAUGH, Frederick Newton (male)
Father27 Aug 1844ASHBAUGH, Henry Clay
Mother16 Feb 1846ARCHER, Emaline A.
Birth16 Feb 1873Newton,Havey Co.,KS

HORAN, Catherine Maria (female)
Birth31 May 1871Eau Claire,WI

Family of ASHBAUGH, Frederick Newton & HORAN, Catherine Maria
Girl1895ASHBAUGH, Ellen
Boy1897ASHBAUGH, John Henry
Girl12 Feb 1900ASHBAUGH, Elizabeth Ann
Girl26 Feb 1902ASHBAUGH, Birdie Kathryn
Girl21 Jun 1904ASHBAUGH, Florence Rose

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