ASHBAUGH, John Harvey (male)
Father29 Jan 1807ASHBAUGH, Frederick (Dr.)
MotherUnknownCLARK, Matilda
Birth28 Sep 1846Wyandot,Marion Co.,Ohio

Living (female)

ASHBAUGH, Mary R. (female)
Father1808ASHBAUGH, Andrew
Mother1820DONALDSON, Martha Patricia

MORGAN, Z. F. (male)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Mary R. & MORGAN, Z. F.

ASHBAUGH, Myrtle May (female)
Father19 Apr 1857ASHBAUGH, John
Mother1854FULLER, Emma Ella
Birth10 Mar 1896Edmore,MI

PETERSON, Chris A. (male)

Family of ASHBAUGH, Myrtle May & PETERSON, Chris A.
Marriage22 Nov 1923Greenville,MI
Girl Living
Boy Living
Boy Living
Girl Living

ASHBAUGH, Earl (male)
Father19 Apr 1857ASHBAUGH, John
Mother1854FULLER, Emma Ella
BirthSep 1890Unknown

ARNOLD, Daisy (female)
BirthAbout 1908Unknown

Family of ASHBAUGH, Earl & ARNOLD, Daisy
Marriage16 Jul 1924Edmore,MI
Boy Living
Girl Living
Boy Living
Boy Living
Boy Living

ASHBAUGH, Naomia Marie (female)
Father18 Jan 1889ASHBAUGH, Ernest Lester
Mother31 Mar 1895COGSWELL, Flossie Beatrice
Birth15 Oct 1914Blanchard,Isabella Co.,MI

DANIELS, Leon G. (male)
Birth18 May 1915Unknown

Family of ASHBAUGH, Naomia Marie & DANIELS, Leon G.
MarriageMay 1940Grand Rapids,Kent Co.,MI
Girl Living

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